Will Free Web Hosting Work for You?

Will Free Web Hosting Work for You?

Is free web hosting a good option for you? Just if everyone wants to go online and put up something on the Internet today. Many just want to express themselves with a blog or diary where they can tell the world about something they are passionate about. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is through free social sites like My Space or Facebook. But sometime there are good reasons to register your own domain and host your own website.

Everything you put on a free social network is really not yours. You are subject to rules and regulations about what to post. There is nothing wrong with having standards, and that is usually not a problem for most people. The biggest reason for having your own website is ownership. If you spend a lot of time building content on a free social site, it can all be wiped out if this site changes the rules or determines that there is something about your site that they do not like. It happens.

If you choose to register a domain and create your own website, you have a choice between traditional paid web hosting and free web hosting. Paid hosting is a good deal today, with many hosts charging 10 for less a month for just about anything you need. Most hosting plans in this price range contain enough disk space to host multiple websites, or a large site, depending on how much content you create over time.

Just a quick note about unlimited bandwidth or unlimited domain offers. There really is a limit, but for 99 percent of users it will not be a problem. Web hosting companies know that the average user will only upload one or two websites, and how much resources they use will be small. I guarantee you if you buy a 5 web hosting per month that advertises unlimited domains and bandwidth and goes into business selling web space to other people you will soon find that there is a limit. Again, for the most part, thats not a problem, I just wanted to touch it briefly if you wondered how web hosting could offer unlimited services at such low prices.

Despite the low cost of standardized hosting, some people still want free web hosting. If you just set up a website as a hobby, or a personal blog or diary for fun, free web hosting can be a great option for you. If you plan to sell everything from your website or promote any kind of business, do not even consider free web hosting.

The positive side of free web hosting is free. However, there are disadvantages.

In most cases, the host provider reserves the right to run ads on your site, usually at the top or page margins. This will not disturb your content, but may make it annoying to others, and makes your stylish design and setting look pretty bad.

Other forms of advertising are often used, including popup ads and other types of advertising that greet your visitors when they enter and leave your site. This may be more annoying than anything.

You will have quite serious limits on how much bandwidth you can use, so do not plan to upload many videos or other heavy multimedia content.

Your web address will host the company name plus something you create, such as petejohnson.freewebhostingcompany.com not just a personal or glowing expression of you or the impression you want to make on the world.

Keep in mind that companies can offer free hosting based on receiving revenue in return from advertising. Unfortunately, many people have created free web hosting services on flights and hope to shave some decent money from ads and campaigns to you and your visitors. If this does not work well, they will probably turn off without warning and leave you stranded.

My advice is to avoid all free web hosting services, unless you simply do not have the money or do not want to commit a few dollars a month for a regular host. The limit is that you never put up anything on a free host that you really do not want to lose. There is definitely a risk.

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